Buckwheat husk pillow

Buckwheat husk being used to fill the pillows is a natural re-radiator protecting against the harmful influence of electromagnetic waves, radiation of water vains and electrical devices. Its components restrain the development of acarina and microorganisms, thus having a beneficial effect on people with allergies.

Pillow filled with buckwheat husk easily adjusts to the shape of the body. Changing positions while asleep one does not experience persistent pressure of inconvenient pillows but comfort of supported head and neck.

Grains moving freely massage the body improving the circulation. The pillow does not warm up, it keeps the temperature constant. It is of great importance for people with fever and over-excitable. Sleeping on such pillow has beneficial effects on spine, headaches, migraines and discopathies. Its natural aura protects against harmful radiation providing one with inner peace and safe relaxation.

Pillow can be also used during a day. It is possible to put it under the spine while sitting or on painful places. Pillows shall be also used by children as buckwheat perfectly calms and protects the delicate aura of the child.