Healthy mattresses

Mattress filled with the buckwheat husk is an invaluable blessing. The buckwheat husk is a natural re-radiator protecting against the harmful influence of electromagnetic waves, radiation of water vains and electrical devices. Its components restrain the development of acarina and microorganisms, thus having a beneficial effect on people with allergies

Sleeping on the mattress one will very soon feel the difference in physical condition, reduction or disappearance of pain tensions. Spine diseases frequently influence the functions of inner organs. The buckwheat husk enables body fluids to flow freely and to regulate effectively processes of puryfing and nourishing human organism. One gets up relaxed. It is even possible to sleep less but equally efficiently. Grains moving freely massage the body improving the circulation. The mattress does not warm up, it keeps the temperature constant. It is of great importance for people with fever and over-excitable.

Sleeping on such mattresses has beneficial effect on spine, headaches, migraines, insomnia, neurosis, hyperexcitability, fears and other diseases caused by harmful radiation of electromagnetic waves.

The mattress can be used both to sleep and to short relax during a day.


Enjoy your healthy mattresses