Meditation Cushion

The cushion is filled with buckwheat husk. Application of such a filling has been brought to us from the East and nowadays it is the best and the most often used form of filling this type of cushions. Sitting on the mediation cushion make us able to keep our spine straight and at the same time it keeps the proper position of our pelvis. The natural biofield of buckwheat husk creates perfect conditions for the inner circulation of life energy. We recommend our cushions to children who can use them as a comfortable and wholsome kind of seat.




Meditation and rehabilitation bolsters.

The bolster is filled with Buckwheat husk, which makes us able to keep the proper position of our body. Buckwheat contains mite and bacterial flora protecting compounds, so it is highly recommended for allergy sufferers and bed-ridden. What is more, buckwheat husk has a good influence on muscle relaxation, so the bolsters are useful in rehabilitation and in yoga exercises. The length of the bolster corresponds with the average length of the spine. One of buckwheat's natural characteristics is its body protecting biofield which enables the user to relax. We can also put the bolster under the aching body parts to unclench the muscle tension and to get rid of reumathic disease and others.