About us

Ten years ago I hit on an idea to set up my own company
which would specialize in production of buckwheat cushions.
Before the whole idea was born I had been making aromatherapy massages
for a couple of years and then I decided to extend my company.
The whole journey with cushions has started in year 2000.
Firstly we had been selling only buckwheat cushions and mattresses
but as a part the company's development we have started adding some herbs to the cushions
and now our list of products is extended with herbal ones.
Of course that was not the end of the story.
As the demand for our products has been increasing permanently
and the feedback from our customers was very good we couldn't stop at this point.
So we had to think over how else can we improve peoples sleep quality.
And here is the part of the story where spelt heaved into sight.
What is more, we have got a huge variety and selection with many colors, sizes and prices
and we believe that everyone will find something for himself.
We are grateful for what Mother Nature have made for us;
buckwheat and spelt fields which surround us and linen of which our pillow-slips are made.
So I truly encourage you to use all of these benefits we are given
by our Earth cause it is an unimaginable profit for our mind, body and soul.

Malgorzata Kowzan


Firma Handlowo - Usługowa
Brzeziniec 37
59-630 Mirsk

tel. kom. +48 606 917 730
tel. +48 75 76 49 23