Pillows of spelt

Pillows of spelt have been well-known since a long time for their beneficial effects. The healing properties of spelt were glorified by Hildegarda von Bingen who dealt with natural science. She was filling cotton bags with spelt and used them as pillows.

Spelt is a primaveal kind of wheat being cultivated without chemical fertilizers and of increased immunity to fungus and pests. Consuming it regulates the digestive system providing one with numerous nutritients. It is easily absorbed.

Not only consumption of this primaveal grain but also placing it on selected parts of the body can alleviate joint, back and neck pains as well as headaches. It also helps with cystitis and rheumatic pains. Spelt has extraordinary rehabilitation properties. Elastic grains of spelt letting in the air have got a special ability to adjust to the head's and body's shape.

Many people can experience its gentle and tranquillizing effect due to this primaveal grain of pleasant and fresh smell. Spelt supports muscles and improves circulation of blood. It is especially beneficial during attacks of migraines.

Pillows of spelt are also recommended to people with allergies as spelt does not attract allergens. The high content of a silicic acid has a positive influence on human's aura.