Herbal cushions

Herbal cushions are filled with buckwheat husk and other special herbs. Using this aromatic cushion makes one feel calm and relaxed. Besides, soothing and supporting effect of herbs brings everyone considerable relief while sleeping.

Using just the buckwheat husk makes the cushion of healing properties: tranquillizing, antiallergic, protecting from harmful radiation, alleviating headaches and migraines, reducing hyperexcitability, neurosis, neuralgia and back pains. Adding the herbs gives the following compositions:



Smells beautiful; used with headaches, depressions, bad mood, nervous tensions, insomnia caused by stress, migraines, menstrual, muscular and rheumatic pains.


Lemon balm-hop

Oof gentle lemon-bitter smell used with insomnia, mental exhaustion, being oversexed, menopause problems, fears and anxieties, migraines. It calms down.



Of wonderful meadow smell that calms down, refreshes and strenghtens. It reduces depressions, fears, infections, colds, rheumatism and arthritis. It makes one feel better.

We hope all customers will find our cushions healthy and pleasant to use.